Thursday, March 11, 2010

MS Awareness Week

So, this is the official MS Awareness Week and we're all wearing our orange shirts. According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, MS affects about 2.1 million people worldwide. In our lovely state of Wisconsin, it affects about 1 in 500 people. Around here, if you don't have MS you know someone who does.

About half of people with MS experience cognitive symptoms - at least, this is the current estimate by the MS gurus. Cognitive symptoms can include short term memory loss, difficulty finding the words you want to say, difficulty processing information quickly, and problems with executive functions such as problem solving and sequencing. Most people can adapt to these symptoms by slowing down, simplifying daily activities, and using memory aids. Staying in shape and managing symptoms of depression can help lessen the effects of these cognitive symptoms.

That's it for our shameless plug for MS Awareness Week. We have the Walk MS event coming up in about a month and Tim is raising money online. Here's his page:

Let's hope it doesn't rain...again!

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