Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Janet writes: Tim doesn’t care for summer due to the heat. We usually spend June, July and August with the house shut up and the air conditioner humming away. I have to go outside to thaw out periodically. But one reason we like summer is that fruit is in season again, especially blueberries!
We live in Wisconsin, so blueberries are usually expensive. Starting in June, however, the price comes down and supply becomes more abundant, so we buy them every grocery shopping trip. We put them on cereal or oatmeal, or just eat them plain. They are delicious!

If you are health conscious, you will also know that blueberries are one of the healthiest foods you can eat, especially for brain health. These berries are nature’s little memory pill. Blueberries have the highest antioxidant levels of any fresh fruit and the vitamins and minerals they come packed with all assist in promoting healing of damaged brain cells. There are many articles about the health benefits of blueberries online. Here’s one that gives you a list:

So have a happy summer and eat a whole lot of blueberries!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Found this fairly new website this morning. Created by Scott Sussman, this is a social networking site for people with disabilities. The site has been up for about a month and promises a safe network to allow you to post your feelings, opinions, etc. about your disability. Family and friends can join as well. Check it out here:

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Not Easy

Janet writes: I apologize for the couple weeks of silence from us. Between health problems and issues with children, we have been a bit preoccupied. Solving all these problems puts the ol' brain into high gear for a while, and when you are dealing with the cognitive symptoms of multiple sclerosis, that high gear eventually burns out and leaves you on the side of the highway. Anyway, things are settling down slightly, so I wrote the following: 

We read a lot of information about multiple sclerosis and about health problems in general. It seems everyone is an expert and everyone has their little niche of advice to give. “Use a pocket planner.” “Take fish oil.” “Get enough vitamin D.” “Get a Blackberry.” And so on. We all want that one little thing that will make all our health problems better, and many people are perfectly willing to step up and hand it to us. I’ve done it myself – and I should know better!

The fact is, even with all the gadgets, vitamins, and special helps, living with the cognitive symptoms of multiple sclerosis is not easy. Life has a tendency to bombard you at times, and all the calendars in the world don’t compensate for that feeling of being overwhelmed. Four capsules of fish oil might help the memory click along a little better, but they don’t stop the mid-day crash when all body systems go into “sleep” mode, including the brain. Tim becomes very frustrated when he can’t finish a project because his head won’t let him or when he has to check his phone calendar five times because he can’t remember if he entered something correctly. My own patience wears a bit when I have to remind Tim of appointments or other things multiple times in a day. We both feel like we get stuck in the cognitive mud and the only thing that will pull us out is a good nap!

I guess what I’m saying here is don’t expect a miracle cure for the cognitive symptoms of multiple sclerosis, but don’t give up on living either. All the compensation techniques, gadgets, and vitamins might not be “the answer”, but they can get you through a day. At least, they can pull you along until nap time!