Monday, February 15, 2010

Sometimes It’s Not Just You

Janet writes: We are having one of those days today. A dragging, slow moving, unmotivated, can’t think of anything day. We just want to go back to bed and sleep! Tim can’t think about much of anything and neither can I. Uuugh!

The consolation prize is…neither can anyone else. Everyone I have talked to today feels the same way: tired, sluggish, unmotivated. It seems to be the general atmosphere.

Cognitive symptoms can really rear up on days like this. If you have this kind of day, don’t push yourself to get things done. You will probably just get frustrated and give up. Take it easy and try again tomorrow, when that “uuugh” feeling is gone and you have more energy. Your overall wellbeing will influence how you think.

The other people around you? Well, they will understand. They feel the same way, after all. The general comment I hear on days like this is “It must be the weather!”

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