Monday, February 8, 2010


Janet writes: I read this blog entry today and it touched a nerve: Tears of Hope and Passionate Hate. The author writes about wishing for his wife to be healed and hating the MS that has taken her abilities away. I know how he feels.

Tim and I met in 2005. To me, he has always had MS. He has always had trouble finding words and remembering things. He has always walked a little funny. He has always complained of muscle cramps in his legs and has always had a little trouble feeling things with his left hand. To me, he has always been this way.

But I often wonder what Tim was like before MS. How did he walk? How did he think? What could he do then that he can’t do now? What if he didn’t have to struggle with this disease? Tim is my man and I will always love him, MS or no MS. But I do wonder, what if there was no MS?

I can relate to how this blog author feels, for I also hate MS and I also pray for effective treatments to help my husband. Maybe someday, with the efforts of many who research and promote knowledge of MS, my prayers will be answered “yes”.

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