Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Exercise For Your Brain

Janet writes: Ok, this article made me want to go on a vegan diet and walk 5 miles. A long term Swedish study has linked a higher Body Mass Index in middle age to lower general cognitive ability and a steeper decline over time. Here’s the link (thanks to Charles Violet).

Here’s my question, though. Does obesity cause cognitive decline or does cognitive decline cause obesity? Couldn’t this work both ways? The inactivity that leads to obesity causes cardiovascular problems that could lead to cognitive decline. On the flip side, cognitive decline could lead to decreased activity levels that could cause obesity. While I realize the first one is probably the cause for most people, I could see it working both ways, especially if a person has an existing medical condition such as MS.

Tim and I probably won’t go on a vegan diet. But we can certainly turn off the TV and get moving!

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