Sunday, November 22, 2009

Infusion Day

Tim writes: Here is a photo of me getting a Tysabri infusion. The toughest part is the nurses sticking me with the needle. After that, I chill and sit back, talk with others, watch TV or use my computer, sometimes read a book. The treatment takes 2 hrs or a little longer. Bellen Infusion Center has great personnel and they offer you a soda or water.

A Tysabri infusion is nothing to sweat – you are under good care. Much better than the root canal I had on Monday!

I have no idea if Tysabri is helping me with my cognition, but it is helping me with my mobility and pain. In my personal opinion, I was headed for secondary progressive MS before starting this medication. I feel I am not progressing now. I am not a medical doctor and can’t really tell you if this is the case or not, this is just how I feel.

Thanks to Greg for taking this picture!

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