Friday, January 7, 2011

Cognitive Meltdown Video

Well, we need to apologize for not having updated this blog for so long! Life gets in the way sometimes and it has nothing to do with the cognitive meltdown and more to do with just being very busy.

In September we posted that we were a part of presenting a cognitive workshop in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Janet's daughter, Calysta Phalen, a media student at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, produced a video for that workshop and the video is now available online via the Wisconsin Chapter of the NMSS's Facebook Page. This video shows how we work together to deal with Tim's cognitive symptoms that result from his MS. We hope that this video will give you some ideas on how to manage cognitive symptoms, so here's the link:


  1. Extraordinary video! Applause! Though I must confess almost drooling at all the tools you all have available to help. Patti's progression of cognitive symptoms negate such assistive tools. The opening scene with Tim driving floored me as it was Patti's cognitive symptoms more than physical at the time that made driving unsafe. The range, diversity and intensity of MS symptoms in each and every person with MS will never cease to astound me.

    Thank you both for being so open and sharing.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  2. Wow what a great video! ;)