Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lauren Parrott on Cognition and School

Here is a new video from Lauren Parrott about her insecurities related to her cognitive symptoms from MS. She makes some very good points about the accommodatons you can apply for while attending university. These accommodations are available at most universities and technical colleges, so don't let MS symptoms stop you from going to school.

By the way, our workshop went very well. We hope to post some information from it when we have it organized.


  1. Would love to hear about how your workshop went!

    Thanks for reminding me of the Parrott videos. I've tried to get Patti as a 20+ yr MS veteran to watch some MS youtube videos besides our own. I keep meaning to video her watching and reacting. Of course the biggest problem with MS cognition, attention span and memory loss is obviously duration. If you can not say it quick, interestingly, and clearly it's gone for Patti. Then again short is always easier to say again.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  2. Yes, it is difficult to watch and listen to "talking heads" all the time. (Lauren Parrott is very easy to listen to, though.) Making a video of Patti reacting would be great for some of the "experts" who love to "lecture" to see.