Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mobile Calendar

Janet writes: I think Tim and I would be lost without his cell phone. He has made it a habit to enter every appointment, meeting and event into his cell phone calendar. Whenever we need to check a date or a time, he just pulls it out, opens the function, and the information is there. He doesn’t have to try to remember everything we have going on, and neither do I! How convenient!

Tim doesn’t have an iPhone or a Blackberry. He has a Samsung flip phone that is somewhat better than your basic freebee, but doesn’t require the add-on PDA plans or extra fees for apps. The calendar was included with the tools already loaded on the phone. You do have to know how to type text using a number pad, but he has managed that well enough for our purposes. He always sets the reminder for every event, so if something is coming up in the next hour, we know it.

There are a couple of disadvantages to this system. The main problem is trying to schedule something when Tim is talking on the phone and can’t look at the calendar! Well, they do still manufacture paper and pens, so he just writes it down and checks when he hangs up. There is also the issue of forgetting the phone at home. That can happen with any planning device and Tim doesn’t forget often, but when he does, it’s back to the paper method. Thank God for sticky notes!

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